Photo of walk in bath showing the size of the door


Dimension:120cm L x 68cm W x 92cm.H


The COMPACT DEL 120 is a walk in bath is bath with a door , with a seat, retractable hand shower, and a completely waterproof door. At about twice the depth of regular bathtubs, you can safely submerge your body while sitting down. 

The bathtub is easy to enter, making it ideal for anyone who has trouble maneuvering in small spaces. 

The COMPACT DEL 120 handicap bath  made from colorfast woven Fiberglas, which is extremely durable and will not chip or scratch. 

Dimension:120cm L x 68cm W x 92cm.H 

8 water jets 

Built in non-slip surface on the floor and seat 

Handrail and Pillow for total comfort 

Water pump: 1HP, AC 220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz; 

All pipes for whirlpool drain when tub is drained - improves sanitation. 

Hydrotherapy Water Spa system. This is not a standard pool spa, but a specialist hydrotherapy system from one of the world’s leading suppliers. Purpose designed to alleviate pain symptoms from rheumatism, arthritis and other similar painful conditions. 

Custom made Australian fast fill taps. 

50mm drain via a Hepflex pipe for fast draining 

The Compact walk in bath

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