Apollo walk in bath with the door open to be used

Dimension 153cm L x 92cm W x 102cm

APOLLO DEL-153 (Spas & Heater)


The APOLLO DEL-1500 is a built in tub with a low wider door and higher chair to enable easy entry and exit from wheel chair with or without a transfer device. 

As most people are aware, all walk-in baths require the bather to step in and out of the bath and this can still be difficult for some - especially those in wheel chairs. This new model can be used independently by anyone who has even modest upper body strength. If a carer is needed to help the bather, then very little effort is required. 

Dimension 153cm L x 92cm W x 102cm H 

Built in non-slip surface on the floor and seat 

• Made of marine-grade gel-coat fiberglass 

• Sides provide comfortable arm support 

• Hand held shower included 

• All plumbing fixtures are supplied. Unit is pr-plumbed 

• Unique design allows you to sit in chest level water if so desired 

• Water Pump is 240v AC 1 hp, 6 Water jets 

• Air pump 1hp, 16 Air jets. 

• Heated pump 1500 w 

Hydrotherapy Water Spa system. This is not a standard pool spa, but a specialist hydrotherapy system from one of the world’s leading suppliers. Purpose designed to alleviate pain symptoms from rheumatism, arthritis and other similar painful conditions. 

Custom made Australian fast fill taps. 50mm drain via a Hep flex pipe for fast draining. 

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